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  • Product Description: Also known as Liner Board or Gypsum Board, this rigid paper board comes in various thicknesses and is used in many industrial and retail packaging applications for product protection and separating. Also used in printing industries and as art and photo mounting and backing.
  • Sizes available
    • .012 - .250" thickness
    • Unlimited cut sheet sizes available.
    • Lighter weight is available in roll form.
  • Potential applications
    • Printers Chip
    • Business Forms
    • Dividers
    • Stacking/Slip Sheets
    • Interleaving
    • Pallet Protectors
    • Art & Photo Mounting & Backing
    • Produce Packing
Chipboard Paper Sheets

Chipboard Paper Sheets

Packaged Chipboard Paper

Packaged Chipboard

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