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Indented (Embossed) Kraft Paper

  • Product Description: Embossing gives paper cushioning and padding qualities. It is also economical and environmentally friendly. Indented kraft paper is often substituted for foam because of pricing and recycled paper content.
  • Sizes available:Available in unlimited sheet sizes and in rolls up to 36" width.
  • Potential applications
    • Pads
    • Packaging
    • Void Fills
    • Automotive Floor Mats
    • Animal Cage Liners
    • Agricultural and Garden
    • Produce Packing
Indented Embossed Kraft Paper Sheets
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Indented (Embossed) Kraft Paper Sheets

Indented Embossed Kraft Paper Rolls

Indented (Embossed) Kraft Paper Roll

Indented Embossed Kraft Paper Package

Indented (Embossed) Kraft Paper Package

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